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White Marble Vanity Top Application

December 29, 2019

We know that the natural marble stone material often used for bathroom vanity top project. As it is not just with beautiful looks, but also make the bathroom vanity with long time service life. At the same time, this type of product also with rich materials. Especially, the White Marble Vanity Top with light background, that often with big range use. Now we want to introduce this type of products use.

In fact, we can choose many different types of white marble materials for produce vanity top. Like as Italian Bianco Carrara Marble Vanity top,and Oriental white marble, Panda White Marble, and other popular white materials. In general, those white marble vanity top often used for Interior and exterior decoration in construction projects,excellent material for indoor decoration ,widely used for wall, flooring tiles, staircase, Kitchen & Vanity etc .In addition, some hotel and apartment bath also is mainly use too.

Generally speaking, the White Marble Vanity Top often with various size.Like as 22″,26″,36” x L,etc .The packages often do in 18-22 PCS/crate.In addition, Hotel Countertop always produce best quality finished product. The popular polish degree is over 90 degree. Thickness Tolerance For White Marble Vanity Top +/-1mm . In addition,the surface flatness is +/-0.3mm. And the Color Difference is always control similar color, make the finished products easy installation with good looks.

Compare with other marble stone vanity top product. The White Marble Vanity Top with bigger range use. As we know that the most areas and countries can accept the white color is a good color. In addition, this type of product with various surface treatment and stable supply. The customers also is easy to replace at the local shop, if the installed products with any problems. Welcome contnact with us, if you are interest in White Marble Vanity Top products.

Italian White Marble Vanity Tops
Italian White Marble Vanity Tops

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