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The Features Of Marble Vanity Top For Bathroom

December 14, 2019

We know that the peoples often like to use marble stone for produce bathroom vanity top. In addition, the bathroom wall and floor also can use it too some times,that adding a touch of elegance to the bathroom.Then there with more and more peoples want know more features about marble vanity top for bathroom product.

Marble is also called metamorphic or recrystallized limestone. Real marble is a calcite metamorphic rock with a crystal structure.Marble is derived from limestone according to the metamorphic effect of regional stone. Generally, it contains large crystals with rough texture.The main components of marble are calcite and calcium carbonate, with a Mohs hardness value of about 4.5.Then this material is a good stone material that produced in marble vanity top for bathroom.

When we use natural marble for produce vanity top for bathroom, it is also with some advantages and disadvantages too. For example, Smooth surface, beautiful color and texture are naturally suitable for beautifying the bathroom environment.Disadvantages are soft, acid and alkali resistance, poor weather resistance, easy to absorb oil, water and other liquids to be contaminated and easy to be scratched,not wear-resistant, and almost all cleaning and stains containing acid and alkali will harm the marble. For example, vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, cola juice, fruit juice, etc. used in daily life are acidic. If a small amount is left on the marble surface Should be wiped and cleaned immediately.

If use marble vanity top for bathroom, it must be properly maintained and protected. Because marble is relatively easy to refurbish and costs less, it can be renovated at any time after the old ground is used. In addition, we know every set of marble vanity top with waterproof treatment at factory, that can make sure the products with good performance and easy maintenance at the daily life. The customers do not need worry about it.

As most marble stone materials with a lot of different veins and colors. Then the popular marble vanity top for bathroom product also with rich choice too. Welcome contact and visit Hotel Countertop.

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