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  • Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop

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    This Calacatta Quartz Tabletop made in round shape. In addition, the product with beautiful calacatta marble veins. That product with great physical performance and competitive price. Welcome contact with Hotel Countertop for get price list.

    • Specifications

    This Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop is very popular in the market.That not just as this raw quartz stone color is get a lot of peoples like, but also as more and more peoples like to use quartz stone tabletop for home decoration. In the past 2 years, Hotel Countertop has produce and export many beautiful and perfect Artificial Quartz Tabletop product to around the world.

    General speaking, the artificial quartz stone always with wide use. As we know that with perfect physical feature and can be used for kitchen quartz countertop, and bathroom quartz vanity top. In addition, it is also often done as man made quartz table top product. Just like as this Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop product.

    What is feature of this Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop? Just as word said, this product with beautiful round shape. Indeed, if customer like other pattern, there also can choose popular type in square, island, and vessel, etc. As the quartz stone with easy cutting feature. That allow us to cutting it with rich patterns and styles. At the same time, this round quartz tabletop also with very high hardness, that can make this finished product with long time use at the daily life.

    Obviously, we can see this Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop with beautiful color and texture. As the natural Calacatta Marble is a most famous white marble around the world. Of course, this marble material with very expensive price too. When we product it with artificial quartz stone, that always can keep totally same marble veins, and in higher physical feature, but that with cheaper price and long time service life. That also is reason why so many peoples like it now.

    For some new customers, maybe they are not familiar this color and pattern. Indeed, this type product is very popular now. Of course, when buyers with any specific detailed request for the veins, just need send us drawing or stone picture, our workers can copy it and make the quartz tabletop or other stone kitchen countertops products with perfect looks.

    As this Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop with polish surface and good design. Indeed, it is also with rich size can choose and different thickness. The popular thickness with 2cm,3cm, etc. There also with other popular surface method treatment too.

    Generally speaking,this Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop popular around the world. Especially, this product is popular in European market and Australia market. In addition, Hotel Countertop also with some long time cooperated partners that from those ares too. If any customers interest in this type of product, welcome email us or contact with us freely.

    Product TypeCalacatta Quartz Tabletop In Round Shape
    Other NameWhite Calacatta Quartz Table Top
    FeatureRound Quartz Table Top
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop
    Round Calacatta Quartz Tabletop

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