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Marble Vanity Top Vs Quartz Vanity Top?

November 24, 2019

With the interior design developing, there always appear some new materials and new pattern for vanity top.We know that the vanity top as an important product,that often used for bathroom. It is not just with use function,but also with decoration style for bathroom too. To choose a high quality vanity top,that also decides the bathroom feature too. We know that stone vanity top is very popular now, as it is with some own advantages. Especially, the marble vanity top and quartz vanity top both with very big market now. Which is better and how to choose it?

To know which vanity top is better, we have to know every type of product features too. At the same time, as a professional hotel vanity top manufacturer, Hotel Countertop want to introduce both products in clearly.

1 Materials Feature

The marble vanity top made by natural marble, that belongs to natural stone products. That with natural stone advantages such as unique style, rich colors and competitive price. We know that we can choose Chinese Marble, but also can choose import marble in rich colors too. At the same time, the quartz vanity top belongs to artificial stone vanity top products.That with higher hardness and easy maintenance too. In addition, it is also can copy any color of natural stone too. Such as most famous and popular Calacatta quartz vanity top for hotel bathroom,etc

2 Physical Performance

In fact, both stone vanity tops with very high quality and nice physical performance. The natural marble with soft feature, that easy carvings and easy cutting. In addition, the quartz stone with rich resource, that can always supply in big quantity too. In addition, the quartz vanity top can customs textures and veins too.The customers can choose both depends on own like.

3 Price Compare

The marble vanity top with big price range. As we know there with rich materials materials can choose, and those materials in different cost too. For example, some Italian marble with high price, but with special and very good styles. Some marble vanity tops with cheap price, such as some Chinese marble vanity tops,etc. In addition, the quartz vanity top is same like that, just the price range is not big as marble vanity top. With the artificial quartz stone industry developing, the products price is cheaper than before.

4 Maintenance

The quartz vanity top as made by quartz sand and some man made materials, then this material with easy maintenance. As there without micro holes and so high hardness, that make the products do not need clean every day. The marble vanity top also do water proof,when it is leave from factory, that products should be clean every month, then can make sure the natural marble vanity tops always with good surface.

5 Production Time

The natural marble vanity tops is easy cutting,and just need customers confirm drawing of size, patterns, colors, and materials, then the production production is very fast. In addition, the quartz vanity top also is fast too. Even the quartz stone colors also in rich,and when customs confirm it, that other things, just leave to workers team, that with rich experience and make sure the products produce in perfect. Hotel Countertop always guarantee every piece of product and make sure the products with very high quality.Welcome any customers inquiry with us.Of course,good quality vanity tops,just like hotel granite kitchen countertops too. That should be with rich select, high quality material, and long time service,important that also with good price.

Solid Quartz Calacatta Vanity Top
Solid Quartz Calacatta Vanity Top
Bianco Carrara Marble Vanity Top Hotel
Bianco Carrara Marble Vanity Top Hotel

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