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How To Identify The Quality Of A Marble Vanity Top?

December 15, 2019

Nowadays, custom-made cabinets are becoming more and more popular.With the ability to easily match the home decoration style, it not only meets personal preferences and personal styles, but also easily creates the closest effect of the brand of the compound cabinet, and more importantly, it can save A lot of money.However, everyone should pay attention to the quality of the cabinets vanity top, when checking and accepting. Check whether the model, color, shape, size of the marble vanity top meet the requirements of the original design.

The marble vanity top looks smooth, flat, and clean, and the surface of the vanity top must not be stained. If you find that the cabinet is defective, you can ask the brand merchant to unsubscribe or reorder another set.Installing an elegant marble vanity top for cabinet is both economical and easy. Speaking of its cleaning care, marble is also a better choice than other tiles.

In fact, marble vanity top is not radiated. Imported marble has also been tested layer by layer, which basically will not affect the human body. Instead, the marble glue and glass glue used in the construction may be harmful to the human body. This can be checked by air quality after the decoration is completed. To ensure that if it is really tangled, radiation detection can also be done. A small amount of granite (generally used outdoors, mainly bush hammered surface) is really radiated, and it is mainly dark red.As a professional marble vanity top exporter from Cina, Hotel Countertop will introduce how to identify good vanity tops.

How to identify marble vanity top: For processed finished marble vanity top, the quality can be identified from the following four aspects:

At a glance, the surface structure of the marble vanity top is observed with the naked eye. Generally speaking, the uniform fine structure of the stone has a delicate texture, which is the best product of the stone.Coarse-grained and unequal-grained marble have poor appearance.In addition, due to the influence of geological effects, some small cracks often occur in the stone.As for the lack of edges and corners, it also affects the aesthetics, especially when choosing.

Secondly,measure the size and specifications of the marble vanity top, so as not to affect the stitching, or cause deformation of the patterns, patterns, lines after stitching, and affect the decorative effect.

Finally,Listen to the knocking sound of the stone. The editor reminds you that the percussion sound of good quality stone is crisp and pleasant; on the contrary, if there is a slight crack in the stone or the contact between particles is loose due to weathering, the percussion sound is rough.

marble vanity to
marble vanity to

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