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  • G655 White Granite Top Dining Table

    Table Top Granite Hotel

    The White Granite Top Dining Table with wide use. This material is a very good Chinese white granite material. Hotel Countertop use high quality wooden box to packing it and make sure every piece of tabletop in perfect.

    • Specifications

    The G655 White Granite Top Dining Table with cheap price. But it is with perfect quality. Obviously, this product belongs to Chinese Granite Tabletop.Hotel Countertop with advantages in produce this type of product. In addition, we also supply good after sales service for table top too. At the same time, there with various materials table legs for support too.

    At the market, there with various type of white color natural stone in popular. The popular types includes materials from Brazil and India,USA,etc. The famous materials like as Alaska White,Alps White,Andino White,Colonial White,etc. Every type of material with unique style and feature.This G655 White Granite Top Dining Table start to popular now.

    The G655 Granite with wide use indeed. Except this granite table top,there also with other popular shapes. For example, prefab granite countertop, granite vanity top, and granite paving stone,etc. All those products with price advantages. This G655 White Granite Top Dining Table also with competitive price.Obviously, there with polish surface and square shape.

    We know that various shape of granite dining table top also with various edges styles can choose. For example, there with bullnose edge,straight edge, Bullnose Double, Bevel Double 1/4″x1/4″, Pencil edge,Ogee& Radius bottom,etc. Hotel Countertop always can give customers good advise too.

    How about the G655 White Granite Top Dining Table Price? Just as we said before, this material belongs to Cheap Granite. In addition, this table also with competitive price too. Except the high degree polish,the honed and flamed brushed also can do in perfect performance. This product in 3cm.

    In general, this G655 White Granite Top Dining Table often supply with big quantity. For example, it is often used for hotel and apartment use. At the same time, this product with same color and not any big color change. That can make the finished projects with good effect. Except this square shape, there also with rectangle, island, round styles can choose.

    Product TypeWhite Granite Top Dining Table
    Other NameHazel White,Tong,an White,Rice Grain White Granite,etc
    FeatureSquare Table Top
    G655 White Granite Top Dining Table
    G655 White Granite Top Dining Table
    G655 White Granite Top Dining Table
    G655 White Granite Top Dining Table

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