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Different Materials Choose For Bathroom Vanity Tops

December 1, 2019

Bathroom Vanity Tops and cabinets need to face the humid environment, and the frequency of use is high. It is very important to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet top. There are many parts of bathroom cabinet vanity top, so there are many parts to pay attention to when purchasing.

Popular Materials

The common style have acrylic vanity top, ceramic vanity top, natural marble vanity top, artificial stone vanity top, glass vanity top,etc.

Acrylic Vanity Top

It’s easy to make special shape, no seams in one-piece molding, more changes in style and color. The disadvantage is that it’s easy to scratch and scratch (it will spend no matter how long the quality is good), the price is a little higher, and it’s not recommended to use color acrylic at the same time. The market feedback shows that there are many problems of fading.

Ceramic Vanity Top

The technology is relatively mature, alkali resistant, acid resistant, high temperature resistant, and never fade (of course, if the firing temperature is over 1200 and the material is good), and it is quite convenient to take care of. The shortage is that the quality of ceramic vanity top on the market is uneven.

Marble Vanity Top or Quartz Vanity Top

Natural stone and artificial quartz stone vanity tops are suitable for customized sizes. They have unique advantages compared with prefabricated types (ceramics, glass, acrylic). The pattern selection is easy to match. They are often matched with ceramic basins.

No need to worry about the radiation problem. First, the area is small. Second, the natural stone and artificial stone purchased on the market are basically in line with the national standard a. (can be used anywhere).

If you want to take good care of the stain resistance, choose the patterned, darker, small stains are not easy to be found.This type is a very good bathroom vanity tops choice for most popular peoples.

Glass Vanity Top

There are a variety of colors for the glass vanity top, but Hotel Countertop don’t recommend it. First of all, the quality is relatively low (it will look better just after you buy it). It’s easy to scratch, dirty and hard to take care of, which will cause you to collapse

Pure White Quartz Vanity Top
Pure White Quartz Vanity Top

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